Follow the footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee.

The journey after the resurrection.

The first Christians to be baptized. The Spice & Incense Routes.

Walk in the footsteps of Biblical characters.


Welcome to the Holy Land.  Explore it's Biblical Sites.

Experience the re-incarnation of a nation with Ben Dor A.

Discover the ancient city of Jerusalem. The city of King David.

Additional exciting places to visit when in Israel.

Visit the sites of the Christian kingdom established in the Levant in 1099 after the First Crusade.

Recommended books about the Holy Land of Israel.


Your Holy Land Tour or Biblical Pilgrim program to Israel is designed and coordinated with you in mind to provide a biblically-oriented experience / journey, to help you discover this spiritual land, and to make your Christian pilgrimage comfortable, enjoyable, and safe.

My experience and knowledge of the Holy Land will focus on providing you with great customer service that will offer you an enjoyable travel and care free adventure in Israel.

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